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Fast Wind Storms & Europa Plumes | Solar Storm Forecast 11.21.2019

This week we finally have some good news for aurora photographers! A coronal hole that has brought us up to storm levels multiple times before is back and is sending us some fast solar wind yet again! We have already bumped up to unsettled conditions and could hit active conditions within the next 24 hours. Aurora field reporters, especially at high latitudes should be on the alert for aurora. We could even get some sporadic aurora at mid-latitudes over the next day or so. As for the Sun, unfortunately, we are back to spotless conditions with solar flux tanking back into the high 60s. This means poor radio propagation on Earth’s dayside for next next week or more. GPS users, however, should be smiling since GPS reception on Earth’s dayside should remain pretty decent overall. Learn the details of the coming solar storm and see a special segment I’ve included this week on newly confirmed water plumes on Jupiter’s moon Europa!