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The Sun Flares for Cycle 25 | Solar Storm Forecast 03.19.2020

This week space weather stays relatively calm, however, we do have some nice eye-candy, both at Earth and from our Sun. This eye-candy, which includes some gorgeous views of aurora on Earth from recent solar storms & flare activity from the new bright regions on our Sun, should soothe your mind from the craziness in the world right now due to COVID-19. As for our star, two new bright regions from solar cycle 25 have emerged. One has even fired off the first long-duration flare attributed to the new solar cycle. Although this long-duration flare did not bring us a radio blackout or an Earth-directed solar storm, it nevertheless is noteworthy in that it is heralding even more firsts from the upcoming solar cycle. in addition, we also have pockets of fast solar wind that are keeping us at unsettled conditions and bringing aurora to high latitudes over the next several days. Solar flux is remaining in the low 70s, which means radio propagation will stay in the marginal range for radio propagation over the next week. GPS reception also remains good overall through this next week. Learn the details of the recent solar flare and what it means for the coming solar cycle, see some recent aurora that will ease your mind and soul, and see what else our Sun has in store this week.