Space Weather Woman

Dr. Tamitha Skov

Dr. Tamitha Skov is a new kind of weather forecaster for our modern world.  As we become more reliant on technology like our cell phones, GPS (GNSS), and other satellite services we find we are more susceptible to the effects of Space Weather.  Just like terrestrial weather on Earth, Space Weather can be as mild as a rainstorm or as wild as a hurricane.

Let Tamitha show you in non-science jargon how this new kind of weather impacts your daily life. You will never look at the Sun or the Earth in the same way again.  After all, Space Weather is just like the weather in your own backyard, it’s just a little further up.

Alternative Solar Weather

Space Weather Television and Solar Weather Woman is your alternative resource for space weather news, information and event analysis.


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Solar Storm Forecast 01-05-2017

Forecast Video Ominous Coronal Hole In Earth-Strike Zone: Solar Storm Forecast 01-05-2017 The Sun continues to send us fast solar wind causing mild storming and bringing

Aurora News

Keep up with the latest Aurora and space Space Weather events

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