This week our Sun kicks into high gear launching a train of solar storms towards Earth. The first two should arrive on August 4th with a third arriving early to midday August 5th. We will likely bump up to G1 storm levels, with activity peaking on the 5th, but lasting possibly through the 6th before calming down. Aurora photographers could get views down to mid-latitudes if the orientation of these solar storms is favorable. In addition, we have several active regions in view this week that are keeping the solar flux well into the 160s and keeping radio blackout risk high. Amateur radio operators should expect moderate noise levels on the dayside radio bands to last throughout this week. GPS users should also remain vigilant for reception issues near dawn and dusk and also anywhere near aurora on Earth’s nightside once the solar storms hit. Learn the details of the coming solar storms, find out when and where aurora may be visible, and see what else our Sun has in store this week.