This week we say goodbye to big flare player region 3098 and hello to region 3102 as we wait for even bigger flare player, old region 3089 to rotate back into Earth-view. This means we are getting a slight reprieve when it comes to radio blackouts from big flares on Earth’s dayside. Amateur radio operators and GPS users should breathe a sigh of relief as dayside disruptions should be significantly reduced this week. Radio noise remains an issue but propagation should remain in the good range. We do have a coronal hole rotating into the Earth-strike zone, which will bring us some fast solar wind through the weekend, but it will be comparatively mild compared to what we experienced at the beginning of September. Aurora photographers at high latitudes have a decent chance of aurora shows, but photographers at mid-latitudes will only have sporadic shows through the weekend. Learn more about the new flare players rotating into view, find out when and where aurora might be visible, and see why satellite operators must remain vigilant this week. Want early access to these forecasts, tutorials on Space Weather, & more? Visit: