This week our Sun continues a moderate level of activity. Region 3473, as it was just rotating into Earth view, launched a massive solar storm, which is grazing Earth now. Along with some fast solar wind from a large coronal hole these bumpy conditions have caused aurora visible at high latitudes. Views at mid-latitudes remain sporadic through Halloween. As the fast wind wanes over the next serval days, shows are expected to retreat to high latitudes. As we shift into November, conditions should gradually calm down. Solar flare risk rises this week, mainly due to region 3474, which shows increased flare activity and poses a risk of radio blackouts. New big-flare regions are also returning to Earth-view from the Sun’s farside later this week. Amateur radio operators should notice a slight rise in noise on the dayside radio bands this week. GPS users should also remain vigilant during radio blackout events, especially near dawn and dusk. Luckily, the risk for radiation storms remains relatively low. Learn the details of the recent solar storm launch grazing Earth, and what it means for more activity, find out what active regions will be rotating into Earth-view, and see what else our Sun has in store this week.

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