Big flare activity returns this week with several active regions, namely 3323 and 3327 that have radio blackout potential. along with at least one, if not two more regions rotating into view over the coming days, this means we will see more noise on the radio bands, ICAO space weather aviation advisories, and the potential for Earth-directed solar storms. In fact, we do have a partly Earth-directed solar storm that should side swipe us later today and could bring aurora to high latitudes. On top of that, several new, non-Earth directed solar storms were just launched along with a notable M4-flare from region 3227 (since I shot this forecast) so this means more chances to see aurora are coming in the later part of this week and into the next. Watch the filament launch that turns into a side-swiping solar storm, watch the new regions develop on the Sun’s farside, and see what else our Sun has in store this week.