This week our Sun keeps us watching as a filament continues a slow rise off the Earth-facing Sun. It is now traversing through the Earth-strike zone and is poised to launch. If it erupts over the next few days, it could very well be an Earth-directed solar storm so we are keeping our eyes on it. In addition, we have a polar coronal hole in the north that will be sending us some fast solar wind around June 24, and along with a near Earth-directed solar storm that will give us a grazing passage on June 23, we could see some fun aurora shows at high latitudes, with a small chance of fleeting views down to mid-latitudes. We are also hanging on to solar flux levels in the high 70s to low 80s this week, with higher solar flux on the way due to new regions rotating into Earth-view over the next few days. Amateur radio operators should expect radio propagation on Earth’s dayside to be in the marginal range, but improving. Finally, GPS users should expect great reception this week all around the globe. Learn details of the coming fast solar wind, catch up on some gorgeous aurora and noctilucent cloud views over this past week and see what else our Sun has in store!