This week our Sun calms down a bit, but still gives us mixed bag of active regions, coronal holes and solar eye candy. We have multiple active regions on the Earth-facing disk, including a big-flare player. Luckily, this region has been underperforming. The good news is that solar flux is finally back into the triple digits, which means decent radio propagation again on Earth’s dayside and along with the reasonably low risk for radio blackouts, amateur radio operators as well as GPS users should enjoy better than average signal reception (and transmission). Although we arent expecting any strong storming with the coronal hole rotating into the Earth-strike zone now, we are keeping our eyes are on the East limb of the Sun where new regions are poised to rotate into view and a massive prominence towers over the horizon. This prominence is barely hanging on as it rotates closer to the Earth-Strike zone. If it manages to hang on over the next day or so, it could erupt as a partially Earth-directed solar storm. However, as of this writing, it looks like the structure is in the process of erupting now. Learn the details of the coming fast solar wind, find out more about the big-flare player, and watch the huge prominence as it clings to life over the Sun’s East limb.