This week our Sun sends us a partially Earth-directed solar storm, which will be followed by a fast wind chaser. (As you can tell from the video, the storm began to hit during the production!) Although not as strong as the storm we had last week, this one should still give decent aurora views at high latitudes, with sporadic views at mid-latitudes as well. In fact, we are already getting field reports showing aurora as far south as Manitoba, Canada! This storm should be followed by some fast solar wind that will likely enhance the effects and lengthen the period of storming over the next several days. Several active regions from the new solar cycle are also rotating into Earth view. One is already visible and is boosting the solar flux back into the marginal range for radio propagation. The other will rotate into view in the next few days will boost solar flux even more– possibly into the mid-70s by mid-next week! This is great news for emergency and amateur radio operators, who could use a lift in radio propagation on Earth’s day side. Learn the details of the solar storm, catch up on stunning storm photos with NEOWISE sailing in aurora filled skies, and see what else our Sun has in store this week!