This week our Sun dims down a bit when it comes to sunspots, but not solar activity! We have an Earth-directed solar storm on its way. It will be followed by some fast solar wind that will serve to enhance the impact of this solar storm. Aurora photographers should get a good chance for aurora views even down to mid-latitudes over the next few days. Amateur radio operators and GPS users might experience some disruptions, especially on Earth’s nightside when the solar storm hits, but on Earth’s dayside radio propagation and GPS reception should be top notch. No radio blackouts are expected over the next couple of days, but we will have new regions rotating into Earth view near week’s end, and these might put big solar flares back on the menu! Learn the details of the coming solar storm, including views of the gorgeous filament launch from the Sun, and see why amateur radio operators and GPS users can rejoice on Earth’s dayside but should remain vigilant on Earth’s nightside this week!