This week solar activity increases Earthside with several solar storm launches that could give us a glancing blow followed by a fast wind chaser. Although not very strong, the combination of these three things could enhance effects enough to give us some aurora. Aurora photographers, especially at high latitudes could get some nice views through the weekend. In addition, our Sun fires its first big flare in more than a week. However, most of the Sun’s active regions (in Earth’s view) are stable so amateur radio operators will continue to enjoy decent radio propagation on Earth’s dayside with only low risk for radio blackouts this week. That being said, noise on the bands may increase as we move into next week when growing regions on the Sun’s farside rotate back into Earth view. GPS users should also enjoy decent reception in these mild conditions, with the exception of the weekend when the storming will be at its peak. Learn the details of the coming storms, see when and where aurora may be visible and find out what else our Sun has in store.