Our Sun has been extremely busy this week firing off so many glancing solar storm blows that the media has had a hard time keeping track of all of the action. In particular Region 3363 has been a major source of this activity, topping things off with a whopper of a solar storm launch on 17 July during an M5.7-flare. This solar storm is predicted to graze Earth sometime by mid-day July 20. Aurora photographers should keep their batteries charged as not only this, but one more storm following it have upped aurora chances through the 22 July. Amateur radio operators and GPS users should also stay vigilant this week as we still have a heightened risk for radio blackouts on Earth’s dayside. Add to that the solar storm impacts on Earth’s nightside over the next few days and that means radio signal disruptions will be a common occurrence, day or night, over the next few days. Learn the details of the coming solar storm, watch as we say goodbye to Region 3363, and see what new activity our Sun has in store has in store this week. Want early access to these forecasts, tutorials on Space Weather, & more? Visit: https://patreon.com/SpaceweatherWoman