We have a lot of filaments and new active regions in Earth-view this week and although we havent had much in the way of flare activity, things are picking up. In fact, a partly Earth-directed solar storm is on its way to earth and could give us some aurora by March 9th. Aurora photographers at high-latitudes could get some extended shows. We are also keeping our eye on several active regions, especially Region 3599 as it has become a big-flare player. Amateur radio operators should enjoy some decent radio propagation this week, but know that noise is beginning to pick up on the dayside radio bands again. We might even get a few radio blackouts this week. However, the big risk for radio blackouts will come next week when old Region 3590 returns into Earth-view. Learn the details of the coming solar storm, watch Region 3599 light up with new flare activity, and see what else our Sun has in store.