This week our star ups the stakes with several new big-flare players, including a fast growing region (2880) that looks to be an X-flare player as well. NOAA is giving the region about a 5% change of firing off an X-class flare over the next few days. We will see if that risk rises as we follow its explosive growth over this next week. The nice thing is this new activity has bumped the solar flux back up into the triple digits again (I told you it was coming)! Sure enough, we are sitting at 100 right now and could see 115 by the end of the week. This means amateur radio on Earth’s dayside is back into the good range so enjoy. In addition we have an Earth-directed solar storm on it’s way to Earth. “The Big Three” agencies (namely NOAA, NASA, and the MetOffice) disagree slightly on when and how the solar storm will hit, but it should be sometime between late September 30 and mid-day October 1. As such, aurora photographers should stay vigilant as we could get aurora, even down to mid-latitudes! Learn the details of the coming solar storm, watch the new X-flare player grow over the past few days, catch up on aurora photos from recent solar storms, and see what else our Sun has in store! Want early access to these forecasts, tutorials on Space Weather, & more? Visit: