This week much of the activity is on the farside of the Sun, giving us a much needed break. After the multiple X-class flares and G3-level solar storm we sure can use it! That being said, we do have a large coronal hole that will be rotating through the Earth-strike zone over the next couple of days and it will send us some fast solar wind. Aurora photographers, especially at high latitudes could get a bit of a show, especially considering we are hitting the peak of the Perseid meteor shower now, coincident with a new moon, and viewing conditions will be spectacular over the next few days. Amateur radio operators should also enjoy spectacular propagation on Earth’s dayside since the solar flux remains well into the triple digits and the radio noise has quieted considerably. GPS users should also enjoy excellent reception, even during the notoriously troublesome hours around dawn and dusk. Catch up with gorgeous aurora photos from the recent solar storm, watch how the solar flares impacted radio communications via the GEOCHRON clock, and see what else our Sun has in store this week.