We have four, back-to-back solar storms on their way to Earth. The first is expected to hit Monday the 22nd (although I suspect it will arrive fashionably late). The second will be right on its heels and enhance the first. These first two storms will be the ones that drive aurora down to mid-latitudes if the magnetic field orientation proves favorable. The third and fourth storms will be glancing blows, but they could extend aurora possibilities, possibly through the 25th, especially at high latitudes, before things calm down. Aurora photographers, G2-level storm conditions are entirely possible with this series, so be sure to get ready. Amateur radio operators and GPS users, however, you will need to hunker down as the solar storms will make nightside signal reception a bit unpredictable. Also, solar flare and radiation storm activity is ramping up so aviators you will also need to get ready for radio blackouts to increase once again on the dayside and near the polar regions. On top of that, we also have some big-flare players from the Sun’s farside that will be rotating back into Earth view over the next several days, which will up the risk for radio blackouts and radiation storms even more. Learn the details of the coming solar storms, see why flare risk is rising, and see what else our Sun has in store.