Activity remains a bit subdued this week with only pockets of fast solar wind that have brought sporadic aurora to high latitudes, nothing like the show we saw a couple of weeks ago. Aurora photographers at high latitudes could get some decent views through the early part of the week, but aurora chasers at mid-latitudes will need likely need to watch from the sidelines this time. Amateur radio operators must also wait as we are experiencing a lull in solar flux, which has dipped back into the high 70s over this past week. Luckily, these conditions will change soon as a returning bright region (old M-flare player, region 2891) rotates into view again in about three to four days. This region, along with a few others will begin boosting solar flux back into the mid-80s over the course of this week, possibly higher. This means radio propagation on Earth’s dayside will begin improving to the higher side of marginal by the end of the week. As for GPS users, the lack in activity and the dip in solar flux actually serves to aid GPS reception, so enjoy the good conditions all over the globe this week. Learn the details of the fast solar wind, see the hint of new regions that will rotate into view within a week’s time, and catch up on spectacular aurora highlights from the recent G3-level solar storm! Want early access to these forecasts, tutorials on Space Weather, & more? Visit: