Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Im on the road this week, but our Sun is hard at work! Activity is picking up, big time. We have no less than 11 active regions in Earth-view right now with more rotating into view over the next few days. Several of these are X-flare players, which means lots of radio noise and potential for radio blackouts on Earth’s dayside. Amateur radio operators, expect radio propagation to suffer over the next week or more before things quiet down. In addition, we have a partially Earth-directed solar storm on its way. This storm could graze Earth starting the afternoon of the 25th so aurora photographers be sure to stay on your toes. GPS users should also stay vigilant because both the radio noise and the solar storm can cause reception issues at dawn and dusk and anywhere near aurora. Learn the details of the coming solar storm and fast solar wind, watch the fast growth and flare potential of all these new emerging regions, and see what else our Sun has in store this week.