This week our Sun turns up the brightness with no less than four new active regions emerging in Earth-view. All of these regions are growing rapidly, in fact, one of them, region 2864 has launched an earth-directed solar storm. This storm is wispy and likely wont cause too big of a disturbance, but early predictions indicate impact at Earth late on September 9. As such, aurora views should be visible at high-latitudes, but at mid-latitudes, as things stand now, there is only a slim chance. Amateur radio operators and emergency responders should be smiling as these bright regions are also boosting the solar flux into the high 80s. If they continue to grow at this pace we could see solar flux into the 90s within this week, which means radio propagation on Earth’s dayside continues inch ever closer to the “good” range. Although they are growing rapidly, these sunspot regions are not currently a risk for big flares, but they are firing C-class flares. Thus GPS users should remain vigilant near dawn and dusk as GPS reception could be less reliable for a few hours straddling both sunrise and sunset. Learn the details of the coming solar storm, watch the fast rise of the numerous sunspot clusters, and see what else our Sun has in store this week!