A lot of exciting things are happening this week. We have a solar storm on its way to Earth now! It should hit later today and bring with it a good chance for aurora at mid-latitudes. It all started with region 2882 firing an M1.6-flare back on October 9, during which it launched a gorgeous full-halo eruption. This solar storm has been driving a shockwave and a weak solar radiation storm that may impact amateur radio propagation and GPS reception over the next few days. It will slowly subside once the solar storm hits Earth. Until then, expect high-latitude communications and GPS reception to be slightly impacted. In addition, we also have a small coronal hole that is rotating into the Earth-strike zone and should give us some fast solar wind as a chaser to this solar storm. This means we may have some level of disturbance throughout much of this week. Solar flux continues to be in the mid-80s which means amateur radio propagation will remain marginal on the Earth’s dayside, except when the solar storm hits. Learn the details of the coming solar storm, watch the big-flare player region 2882 work its magic, and see what else our Sun has in store!

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