Dr. Tamitha Skov Industrial Experience

Research Scientist, The Aerospace Corporation, Los Angeles, CA, 2004-present

Teaching and development of curricular materials:

  • Space Environment Course (and tutorials) for: (1) The Aerospace Institute, January 2010-2012. (2) Aerospace Board of Trustees, June 2012. (3) Aerospace Student Intern Class 2012 (both graduate and undergraduate level science and engineering students).
  • Space-physics signal processing applications in forensic science for the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC) supported by the National Institute of Justice. Co-wrote and taught “Digital Enhancement of Audio Sources for Law Enforcement” national/POST certified forensics course to members of FBI, Sheriff and police departments, DA offices, Public Safety, Inspector Generals, and Department of Corrections, 2004-2007.

Other Contributions:

  • Data processing and analysis of Sun, Earth, and planetary radiation environments in both an academic environment and for the National Security Space (NSS) Interest
  • Numerical code development and modeling of solar wind transients and energeticparticle propagation through the heliosphere, magnetosphere, and spacecraft materials
  • Team Lead on Air Force Space Weather Follow-on Architecture Studies and Aerospace review panels
  • Tiger team and anomaly investigations of radiation environments /damage for NASA programs (e.g. JUNO, Solar Probe Plus, Solar Orbiter), NOAA, and other commercial and government agencies
  • Instrument Specialist on independent review teams (IRTs) for GOES-R development through Critical Design Review and beyond (e.g. SUVI, EXIS, ABI)
  • Given numerous international invited lectures; written/co-authored over 50 scientific and technical publicationsMember of Technical Staff, Advanced Program Manager, Northrop Grumman, Woodland Hills, CA, 2002- 2004
  • Systems Engineering of navigation units through design, QUAL testing, and delivery to NASA missions (e.g. Messenger, and Deep Impact)
  • Redesigned computational tools for calibration navigation units for NASA programs
  • Assessed program milestones, budget, contracts, and new business for inertial reference units for space applications