The Sun has Earth in its’ crosshairs this week! We’ve had no less than three solar storms to contend with all in the past few days. The first solar storm was launched by region 2925 back on January 14 and was supposed to hit yesterday, but it missed Earth, thanks to the fast solar wind from the large coronal hole passing through the Earth-strike zone now. Likely that fast wind stream deflected the solar storm to the west of Earth. But no matter, the fast wind has been sporadically bumping us to storm levels off and on over the past couple days. We even reached G2-level conditions for about three hours right around the 15th, but don’t be fooled, as these conditions were more bark than bite. Even aurora chasers had a difficult time catching much more than a glimpse of aurora at mid-latitudes. Still this storm will keep us on our toes over the next couple days, plus we have yet another solar storm on the way. This one was launched by region 2929 in the north. This new solar storm has a better chance of hitting Earth than the previous one did, but it still could be a glancing blow around the 20th. In addition, we have no less than seven active regions on the Earth-facing Sun, which is keeping solar flux boosted into the triple digits and allowing decent radio propagation on Earth’s dayside. Big flares and radio blackouts are a slight risk now, but it is not too bad for GPS reception overall. Learn the details surrounding all of this activity and see what else our Sun has in store. Want early access to these forecasts, tutorials on Space Weather, & more? Visit: