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Exactly. This is why I'm a huge proponent of commercial #space endeavors. @elonmusk @richardbranson & friends may be a bit cavalier when it comes to #SpaceWeather, but they force us physicists to transition research tools & models into operations to keep them & their assets safe!

Jake Stehli@eljakeo30

@TamithaSkov Perhaps the huge thing to come out of the "Billionaire race to space" is the ability to get more instrumentation into space as more rockets become available to launch the payloads.

Nice catch! Looks like a #solarstorm was launched too! The "halo" signature from the COR2 coronagraph confirms it's headed towards STEREO-A (highlighted by arrows in the back-and-forth (aka "swing animation"). It might be partly Earth-directed, but we need to wait for LASCO data.

Industrial Engineer Irene Quiroz@nenecallas

another C4.3 class flare was apparently on the AR2849. @TamithaSkov @halocme @Birkeland2nd @swmcintosh @JimWindweather 3

Are these what #SpaceWeather growing pains look like? NOAA, NASA & MetOffice all predicted a #solarstorm shouldve arrived at STEREO-A early to mid-day July 23 & nothing yet. SWPC also predicts a hit at Earth July 24. Lack of consensus betrays humble beginnings of our young field!


Good News!

SWPC just transitioned a new computer model into operations to increase understanding of space weather events and improve space weather forecasting capabilities. Provides a specification of ionosphere and thermosphere conditions with forecasts two days in advance.

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