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HEADS UP #aurora now in northern Norway 🤩 the near full moon didn’t get the best of the aurora!! Now with @VincentVoyage shooting!! @chunder10 @TamithaSkov @StormHour @halocme @nenecallas @

HEADS UP FOLKS LOOKS LIKE AURORA POSSIBLE TONIGHT IF CONTINUES AS IT IS, CME GLANCING BLOW THE LIKELY CAUSE... 👀 @cogie_s @kasmunro @Kareen_B_H @GM7PBB @INSVideos @NightLights_AM @LiveAuroraNetw1 @kevgreenstreet @VincentVoyage @TamithaSkov @hillsblockview @halocme @mracole1977


I've never seen so much red in the rays. Certainly looked powerful. Didn't look at the graphs once I got up to #Lairg 17/18th Sept 23.35 iso400 14mm f1.8 20sec
#Auroraborealis #aurora

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