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Here is every single M + X Class Solar Flare to date during Solar Cycle 25. April was by far the most active month so far.

I guess you could say #SC25 is heating up? 🔥☀️📈

*The plot starts in January 2020 and ends today*

The #sun today and its #sunspots in beautiful #PureMichigan #spaceweather #Astrophotography #space #sunspots #spaceweather @SPACEdotcom @TamithaSkov #astronomy #solar @zwoasi #asi1600 @daystar_filters #quarkchromosphere @svtelescopes #SV70T #NASA

From the low energy protons (bottom) it's clear the incoming #solarstorm passed south of Earth. There's a rise of particles, but the peak isnt sharp (a clue the shock is nearby but missed us). Both magnetic field & plasma show "wake" of a nearby solar storm but not a direct hit.


Hi Dr @TamithaSkov !!
What's up with the #StealthPlayer??

Twin Flare! Regions 3004 and 3007 both fire at the same time (left image) causing a combined M2.2-class flare. A long-duration R1 #RadioBlackout is ongoing so expect HF radio propagation issues on Earth's dayside & #GPS reception issues near dawn & dusk (colored regions on map).

The latest X1.5 flare from AR 13006 was eruptive, marked by a gorgeous coronal wave.

But the possible effect on Earth may need professional evaluation by @TamithaSkov @erikapal and @chrisoutofspace . This may be only a glancing blow as the CME was largely directed south. https://twitter.com/judithdepatoul/status/1524055379797229568

Judith de Patoul@judithdepatoul

@TheSunToday Indeed here the large and beautiful coronal wave detected by Solar Demon Dimming Detection tool @ORB_KSB.

Enjoy! 🤩


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