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EMP 😃 ELVE OVER ITALY: For a few milliseconds, an enormous red ring of light appeared in the sky over Italy. It was generated from lightning 10x times stronger than normal.

ELVE: Emissions of Light and Very Low Frequency Perturbations due to Electromagnetic Pulse Sources.

The new #SpaceWeatherWoman forecast is up! See why the recent X-flare is more bark than bite, learn why #aurora is visible at high latitudes now, and find out why amateur #radio ops & #GPS users breathe a sigh of relief but satellite operators are on alert https://www.patreon.com/posts/80811943


Woohoo Caught the Star Link Satellite train orbiting through (above) an #Aurora on some Lake (Quartz Lake) near Delta Junction

interestingly wonderful trip full of rarity continues!
@TamithaSkov @KimHinesSN @elonmusk @SpaceXStarlink @AngelBrise1
#NorthernLights #Starlink

Great vibe on twitter after this storm! #Corona in sequence! Like an explosion!Color was pretty much like this.I spent most of the evening laying my head on my Car door looking straight up at this! Mar 23 2023 @TamithaSkov @chunder10 #Aurora #northernlights 🇨🇦 #ShareYourWeather

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