With Hurricane Ian impacting Florida this week, we really needed the Sun to stay quiet, but no such luck. We have some incoming fast solar wind along with a grazing passage of a solar storm that together could bump us up to G2-levels (possibly G3-levels/Kp7 at high latitudes) over the next few days. This means amateur radio operators should expect communication disruptions on Earth’s nightside over this next week. Along with radio blackouts on Earth’s dayside due to several big-flare players, this week could be challenging for the Hurricane Watch Nets. On the bright side, aurora photographers should enjoy some beautiful aurora shows deep into mid-latitudes clear through October 3. Learn the details of the coming fast solar wind and glancing solar storm blow, discover why this could give us some strong storming possibilities, and see what else our Sun has in store this week. Want early access to these forecasts, tutorials on Space Weather, & more? Visit: https://patreon.com/SpaceweatherWoman