This week all eyes are on the Sun as old Region 3664 (now renumbered Region 3697) returns to Earth-view. This region has already launched an X-class flare (possibly higher than an X4!) before it fully has rotated into view on the East limb. Although, I doubt it will repeat the same intensity of solar storm launches it did the last time around (remember it launched 8 solar storms at Earth within 48 hours), this region does still have the potential to produce large X-class flares and strong solar storms. This means we all need to stay vigilant, watch the activity unfold, and plan accordingly.

In this full Space Weather News Forecast, not only do I go over all of the activity from this region in detail as it transited the farside, but I also go over some of the lesser-known, but highly impactful consequences of the recent G5-level super storm from the last time this region was in view. Learn the details of the activity surrounding this region, see why radio blackouts are back on the menu, and find out what else our Sun has in store.