Our Sun gets busy this week launching multiple solar storms, some of which are Earth-directed and one massive storm that is farsided. The first of the Earth-directed storms has just arrived (a bit earlier than forecasted) and aurora photographers at high latitudes are already getting a good show. However, the impact thus far is on the mild side so aurora photographers at mid-latitudes might have to wait a bit to see if things intensify with the second solar storm expected to arrive on the 15th. Amateur radio operators and GPS users at mid-latitudes should be enjoying a break from the big radio blackouts we had last week, but the massive farside blast has launched a radiation storm that we are feeling here at Earth. This means HF communication and GPS navigation is being affected over the poles. Pilots, air crew, and high-risk passengers should take into consideration the higher radiation doses right now and plan their routes accordingly. Luckily the radiation storm is only at an S1-minor level and things should return to normal within the next 48 hours. Learn details of the mystery farside blast, see when the Earth-directed solar storms will arrive and when to expect aurora, and find out what else our Sun has in store.