We are feeling the impact of the first of two solar storms in what will be a 1,2-punch over the next few days. This first storm is already lighting up the skies with aurora in the UK and as of this writing we are beginning to see aurora as far south in the USA in places like Massachusetts and New York. Aurora photographers should take advantage of this opportunity as views should be plentiful and bright even deep into mid-latitudes. Amateur radio operators and GPS users, however, are dealing with less than optimal conditions. Radio blackouts up to an R2-level are likely, which means signal reception could be poor. In addition, we also have an ongoing solar radiation storm, which affects radio communications and navigation at high latitudes. Airline pilots and high-risk passengers should also take the radiation storm conditions into consideration when making flight plans as the conditions could remain at elevated levels through the end of the week. Learn the details of the 1,2-solar storm punch, find out when and where aurora may be visible, and see what else the Sun has in store this week.