This week our Sun is beginning to ramp up activity due to a bunch of new regions rotating into view. At least seven new active regions have rotated into view over the last few days. We will be watching them very closely, as some of them are showing signs of increased flare activity. Amateur radio operators and GPS users should be aware that radio blackouts could pick up a bit over this week on Earth’s dayside. These regions are also launching solar storms off the Sun’s east limb, which means Earth-directed solar storms might also be back on the menu as we move through next week. In addition, several glancing solar storms will graze Earth over the next few days, possibly causing some minor disturbances at high latitudes. We may get a small pocket of fast solar wind mid-next week, but again, only minor disturbances are expected. Learn the details of the new activity, see the active regions from the Sun’s farside that are about to rotate into Earth view and find out what else our Sun has in store.