This week our Sun gives us some night gifts for the holidays. First we have an extended pocket of fast solar wind that has already brought aurora down to the UK and upper tier of the USA sporadically. It has also sparked some nice storm-time colors at high latitudes! Luckily, this fast solar wind should continue over the next few days through the weekend before it begins to calm down. So, aurora photographers, there is still time to catch some nice shows, especially at high latitudes.(We also have another smaller chance for aurora coming in about a week!) In addition, we also have solar flux getting a boost this week thanks to two new sunspots rotating into Earth-view. This means we are nearly back into the good range for radio propagation on Earth’s dayside. Along with more new regions that will rotate into view over the next week, means we should see radio propagation continue to be pretty decent as we roll into the new year. Learn the details of the ongoing solar storming, catch up on gorgeous aurora shots from the continued fast solar wind, and see what else our Sun has in store this week!