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Stealthy Solar Storm on its Way | Space Weather News 03.06.2020

The Sun may be spotless this week, but the Sun still gives us a show with an Earth-directed stealthy solar storm launch! Views from STEREO confirm the solar storm is at least partly Earth-directed and NASA prediction models show we could get a glancing blow from this storm late on March 7 and into March 8. This means aurora photographers at high latitudes could be in for some nice views, while photographers at mid-latitudes may only get an elusive and fleeting show. Emergency Radio operators are in luck, despite the spotless Sun, as solar flux remains in the low 70s, keeping radio propagation on Earth’s dayside in the marginal range this week. GPS users are also in luck as the weak solar storm and low solar flux mean that GPS reception should be good everywhere, except near dawn and dusk, and also near aurora. Learn the details of the coming solar storm and see what else our Sun has in store this week.