This week our Sun gives us a chance for some brief storming due to a remnant coronal hole that has rotated into the Earth-strike zone. In fact, fast solar wind from this coronal hole is hitting Earth now. However, it wont last long so aurora views will be fleeting, even at high latitudes. In addition, a new sunspot has emerged in Earth-view– actually two sunspots emerged, but one of them was too weak to last so it didnt get an official designation by NOAA. The sunspot that did get numbered 2766 is actually a Solar Cycle 24 sunspot, but it is hardly recognizable as such because of the influence of Cycle 25. We will see how long it lasts. Luckily, the several existing bright regions in Earth-view are boosting the solar flux so that radio operators should enjoy marginal propagation on Earth’s dayside again for a short while before things begin to tank. GPS users should also be enjoying some decent reception, especially on Earth’s dayside. Learn the details of the old cycle sunspot, the solar storm launch, catch up on recent pics of noctilucent clouds and Comet Neowise, and see what else our Sun has in store!