This week our Sun switches gears and brings big flare players back into Earth view. Several of these regions have X-flare potential, but thus far have only been firing M-class flares. Solar flux also rises well into the 150s, even into the 160s at times. This means radio propagation is back into the good range on Earth’s dayside, although the noise floor is also rising right along with the solar flux. Expect the bands to be noisy this week, not only because of the flare activity, but also because we have been dealing with a waning radiation storm over the past few days. In addition, we have some potential for solar storming due to a glancing solar storm passage and possibly some fast solar wind hitting Earth over the next few days. GPS users should stay vigilant pretty much everywhere on the globe until all this activity dies down, while aurora photographers at high latitudes could get a nice show over much of the week. Learn how much solar storming to expect this week, see the details on the new big-flare players, and find out what else our Sun has in store.