This week our Sun launched two solar storms, one of which was Earth-directed! The storm has hit, right on time and all through the night people have been getting some amazing aurora shots down to mid-latitudes along with comet NEOWISE (as far south as Michigan in the USA, from what Ive seen thus far)! If you are a member of my Patreon community or follow me on Twitter, you got an early warning of this solar storm and hopefully got some once-in-a-lifetime shots! This solar storm is now waning, but should continue over the next day or so before things return to quiet. As for our star, it continues to be spotless, which means the solar flux is in the high 60s and radio propagation on Earth’s dayside continues to be poor. However, this low solar flux means GPS reception on the dayside should be pretty good– just be careful on Earth’s nightside with the ongoing solar storm. Especially if you are near aurora or near dawn or dusk, your GPS reception will likely be unreliable. Learn more details about this ongoing solar storm, how long aurora will last, and see what else our Sun has in store this week!